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F-IN-BOX DLL Edition 3.1 is ready

What’s new

  • New notification FPCN_PAINT_STAGE. It’s useful when you need to modify movie background or paint something over already painted movie. With FPCN_PAINT_STAGE you can simulate transparency for f-in-box created as a child control. See sample Samples\MFC\Sample09_TransparentControl
  • Sound capturing. It demonstrates how to save flash sound as a WAV file. See function FPC_SetSoundListener
    Also see sample Samples\MFC\Sample10_SoundRecorder.
  • URL preprocessing. It’s useful when you need to replace an URL that flash uses. For example, a movie has link to something. When an user click to the link, your callback is called. You can cancel the loading or change URL. See function FPC_SetPreProcessURLHandler

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