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F-IN-BOX .Net Edition is available: Flash transparency problem fixed

Flash transparency problem fixed. With Flash 11 semitransparent movies are painted incorrectly: some parts was painted with black background. This problem is described here: http://www.f-in-box.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=815.

F-IN-BOX .Net Edition is available

A bug of mouse wheel messages processing has been fixed.

New sample Sample11_Playing_Of_Encrypted_FLV has been added.

F-IN-BOX .Net Edition 3.1.5 is available

A small memory leak fixed.

F-IN-BOX .Net Edition 3.1.3 is available

[ Download demo version ]

F-IN-BOX .NET Edition 3.1.1 is ready

AllowFullscreen supported now

F-IN-BOX .NET Edition 3.1 is ready

  • Performance in transparent mode has improved
  • AxCode implements IDisposable
  • If TransparentMode = true, f_in_box__control.GetBitmap returns a bitmap with alpha component

F-IN-BOX .Net Edition 3.0.11 is ready

What’s new:

  • New event OnPaintStage
  • Some samples are improved
  • New sample Sample9_TransparentControl
  • Help is improved


  • Problem with blocking the finalizer queue fixed

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