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F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.5.1 is available now

In 3.5.1 fixed a crash that may occur if newest 64-bit Flash ocx version is being used.

F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.5.5: RAD XE2 is supported, transparency problem fixed

New version F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.5.5: RAD XE2 is supported now.

Also transparency problem fixed. This bug is described here: http://www.f-in-box.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=815.

F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.5.4: Delphi XE and Builder XE are fully supported

New version F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.5.4 fully supports Delphi XE and Builder XE.

F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.5: Delphi 2010 is fully supported

Delphi 2010 and Builder C++ 2010 are fully supported!

F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.4.2 is available

We’ve added builds for Delphi / Builder C++ 2009 with UPDATE 1.

[ Download demo version ]

F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.4.1 is available

An update which is important for developers who use Builder C++. Using old version of f-in-box, Builder C++ added incorrect declarations for events which have parameters with “out” keyword. It just ignored “out”! That’s why we decided to change declarations of these events to make Builder C++ working with the events properly.

The events are:
OnLoadExternalResourceAsync and OnLoadExternalResourceEx

[ Download demo version ]

F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.4 is available

  • New event OnLoadExternalResourceAsync and global handler SetGlobalLoadExternalResourceAsync, new way to provide FLV content
  • Right-click menu issue has been fixed: thank you, jpierce!
  • Delphi 2009 and Builder 2009 is fully supported
  • Flash 10 is fully supported
  • New good sample SampleA_FLVPlayer:
    • how to play FLV from TStream, a file, an URL, a RTMP source
    • autoplay
    • fullscreen mode is available
    • set audio volume / mute mode
    • events: FLV is ready to play, it has stopped and so on

[ Download demo version ]

F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.3.2

FIXED: If SetGlobalOnLoadExternalResourceHandler is called, the movies are not loading correctly from external URLs.

F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.3.1

AllowFullscreen supported now.

F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.3

  1. Perfomance (in semitransparent mode) has improved.
  2. FIXED:f-in-box crashed when DEP enabled on Windows Vista, Flash 9 is installed and Flex-generated movie is loading.