F-IN-BOX News, Tips and Tricks

F-IN-BOX .Net Edition 3.1.4 is available

USER Objects leak has fixed.

A sample code to reproduce the leak:

using f_in_box__lib;
using (AxCode axcode = new AxCode())
   using (f_in_box__control f_in_box__control1 = new f_in_box__control(axcode))

this code produced 1 user object that is not freed at all.

F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.3.3

F-IN-BOX Delphi Edition 3.3.3 is available now.

  1. A GDI leak in transparent mode fixed: see here to read description of the problem (thank you, luckmstone!)
  2. Delphi 2009 / Builder C++ 2009 is supported now!

Flash’In’App by Eltima Software: Flash and Mac OS X

I’ve just received interesting news from Eltima Software! Please read below:

Ever thought endowing your application with more abilities? You can do it now!

As Flash gets more and more popular each day, applications that handle Flash grow popular as well. And if you don’t know a bit about Flash and coding it, there are some solutions out there that can help you a lot. Flash’In’App by Eltima Software is one of those.

Flash’In’App is a free (note, completely free!) Cocoa framework that will let you manage Flash movies directly from your own applications. Basically, Flash’In’App is a set of classes, which enable any application with the ability to playback Flash SWF files and communicate with them via External API, FSCommands or Variables, control external resources loading, and much more.

Eltima notes, that the users of applications which have Flash’In’App enabled, will need Mac OS X 10.4 or later and Flash Player 8 installed. Please, don’t forget that Flash’In’App is completely free for personal use.

More details at: http://www.eltima.com/products/cocoa-framework/

We’ve opened the F-IN-BOX blog

F-IN-BOX has a big history. We have forum, support form, but we’ve decided to become more public. That’s why we are starting this blog. We are going to post news about new releases, tips and tricks, common tasks which you can solve with F-IN-BOX and so on here.