Please write us what do you think about F-IN-BOX!

We've been using f-in-box in our software for a while now. It's solid, stable and very skillfully made. On numerous occasions, we've needed advice or clarification and the f-in-box guys have always been there, willing to help. This has meant a lot to us. We heartily recommend this product.

Kevan Harriman multidmedia

We used the f-in-box in our software because we needed urgent support for SWF playback. Having little resources to devote on the development of our own SWF player, the f-in-box allowed us to quickly and painlessly add SWF playback functionality. Their development team have been quick to respond to our questions and concerns. Overall we are very happy with their product and would recommend it to others in a similar situation to ours.

Stan Stephens Senior Developer, Nexus Media

Powerful and easy to use library. Quick and comprehensive technical support.

Michael Slavinsky Intense Educational Ltd (UK)

We are building flash frontends for our software and have chosen the Delphi f-in-box as easy to use and powerful component. Together with an excellent support and quick respond times it integrates fantastic into the Delphi philosophy for rapid application development.

XX Production online GmbH, Germany

f-in-box is being used in our programm called MyTV. You can see flash-demo in our site (now PSI Media Solutions). Program is intented for creation of presentations - posters,their playlist, schedules for playing content and their final distribution to end client-computer. You can add to poster images,videos,sounds,RTF formatted texts,FLASH,news-ticker(typed text or RSS). Now program is installed at Esthetique perfumery shops,MCDonald Norway. And some other places.

Emin Gyulzadyan software developer

Simply put, F-IN-BOX is brilliantly useful. It has enabled me to quickly conjure up audio-visual wizardry in my .NET apps and the results have repeatedly amazed the masses. Thanks for a well-supported, solid product!

Dave W.

We're using f-in-box to generate previews of Flash movies when exporting elearning content to PDF. Since each Flash movie can be presented in a wide variety of ways within a single content module (zoomed, cropped etc), we need a way to quickly generate previews on the fly for each request. f-in-box has proven to deliver, and we're especially satisfied with how fast f-in-box answers and solves our questions. Thanks!

Chris Falk Senior Developer

When moving to Visual Studio 2008, we encountered an issue with F-In-Box and it's interoperability with Windows Vista. My programmers examined the F-In-Box source code, but couldn't resolve the issue. I emailed F-In-Box support, who promptly began coding a solution. Within a couple of days, and working very closely with my programmers, the engineers at F-In-Box delivered a solution that worked perfect. Thanks guys!

Vincent Serpico Director of Development,

Thanks for a great product.
Many of our interactive cd's use flash content.
This is the best way of integrating flash into our product.

Tom Duncan Computing and Television Design,

We use f-in-box to wrap educational software made in flash and containing tons of audio and video. F-in-box is our ultimate delphi add-on component which enables us to protect our content from hackers and content stealers.
Thanks to f-in-box we can now deliver a cd-rom with only 2 files on it. 1 .exe and 1 big datafile in which all our data is stored nicely protected from curious eyes. While implementing this, the prompt support from Softanics was extremely well. They even included some extra features in f-in-box even before we actually ordered the component. Which other company does that...
A+++ for both product and support.

Bart Libert CEO EducaSoft BVBA Belgium

I have been using flash activex since flash4 and I always having problem about compatible and unstable with different development tools. My last experience was with C# Express Edition using framework 3.5 on Vista 64bits. I really COULD NOT update my old project in VS2005 at this new platform. The old version of this project was working with NOT 100% stable, but works. Then I decide to know the F-IN-BOX and just be amazing with how stable and low weight it is. Moreover, F-IN-BOX has so many functions and features that I always wonder to implement. One of them is the ability to play external FLV direct. The team is to be congratulated. Thanks to them, now I'm planning to develop a new product.

Reinaldo Ferreira Brazil

I am in a position where I cannot live without f-in-box. It makes easy for us to push regional language content as flash. It handles Flash External API very well that I can implement features like 'Text search' which was not possible in PDF w.r.t non-latin scripts. Its compact, yet powerful.

K.S. Nagarajan Software Manager, NHM