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function CreateFrameBitmap: TBitmap;


You can get a bitmap images from the current flash movie. It means you are able create applications that can coverts Flash movies to a series of bitmaps, JPEGs and others. Also you can build generated images to make an AVI video for example.

[ Delphi ]
procedure TMainForm.ButtonSaveAsBitmapClick(Sender: TObject); var Bitmap: TBitmap; Picture: TPicture; begin Picture := TPicture.Create; Bitmap := FlashPlayerControl1.CreateFrameBitmap; Picture.Bitmap := Bitmap; Picture.SaveToFile('Frame.bmp'); Bitmap.Free; Picture.Free; end;

[ Builder C++ ]
void __fastcall TMainForm::ButtonSaveAsBitmapClick(TObject *Sender) { TPicture* Picture = new TPicture; Graphics::TBitmap* Bitmap = FlashPlayerControl1->CreateFrameBitmap(); Picture->Bitmap = Bitmap; Picture->SaveToFile("Frame.bmp"); delete Bitmap; delete Picture; }

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