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[ Delphi ]
function IsFormTransparentAvailable: Boolean;

[ Builder C++ ]
bool __fastcall IsFormTransparentAvailable(void);


Using FlashPlayerControl you can create applications based on transparent flash movies. You can create applications with translucency non-rectangle forms (windows). Use Flash to make applications with modern user interface, make a business logic using Delphi or Builder.

Use TTransparentFlashPlayerControl Component to work with transparency:

  1. Put TTransparentFlashPlayerControl on a form.
  2. Set MakeParentTransparent property to True. That's all!

Please note that the transparency is supported only under Win2k (or higher), 16 / 32 bpp display mode. Use global function IsFormTransparentAvailable to check it:

[ Delphi ]
if Not IsFormTransparentAvailable then
  ShowMessage('Translucency based on Flash is not available');

[ Builder C++ ]
if (!Flashplayercontrol::IsFormTransparentAvailable())
  ShowMessage("Translucency based on Flash is not available");

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