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[ Delphi ]
TFlashPlayerControlFSCommand = procedure(ASender: TObject; const command: WideString; const args: WideString) of object;
property OnFSCommand: TFlashPlayerControlFSCommand;

[ Builder C++ ]
typedef void __fastcall (__closure *TFlashPlayerControlFSCommand)
   (System::TObject* ASender, 
    const System::WideString command, 
    const System::WideString args);


This event is generated when: * a GetURL action is performed in the movie with a URL and the URL starts with "FSCommand:". -- or -- * fscommand is called by flash:
[ ActionScript ]
fscommand("show_msg", "Hello!");
The portion of the URL after the : is provided in command and the target is provided in args. This can be used to create a response to a frame or button action in the Shockwave Flash movie. Don't free TFlashPlayerControl / TTransparentFlashPlayerControl instance in the handle of the event. Create a timer with a small period to perform an action or use WinApi PostMessage.

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